Choosing a Logo Design that is Perfect for Your Business

The logo is one of the most valuable assets of your company .as it signifies your brand. The availability of a well-designed logo helps in communicating your business message and reflects your business. The logo should be unique, simple, versatile, memorable, and should work without color.

logo-designing.pngSelecting a logo requires certain important steps to follow, both by the graphic designer and the client. Following is a summarization of the logo design process and includes specific guidelines to follow when selecting a logo.

Choose a budget

Your budget is the first consideration when planning for a budget. The fee charged is a reflection of the experience and professionalism of the designer. The worth of a logo is much more than the hours taken to create it.

Locate designers

Searching for a graphic designer includes any one of the many methods available. These could be asking around, searching firms reputed for logo design in Dubai like eHorizon, browse design galleries and portfolio communities on the Internet, searching social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook for “logo design”.

Choose a suitable designer

Make a list of designers and contact them for quotes, and when selecting who gets the job, look more than just the price charged. Go through the previous logos and the corporate identities that were created by the designer. Most importantly, select the designer whose logo style matches well with your preferred style.

Brief the designer in detail

It is necessary to brief the designer in detail, whether it is in the form of email or a face-to-face meeting.

Choose a logo concept

After doing some research and experiments, the designer will come up with some concept designs. Ideally, three to six hand-drawn sketches will be offered and you will have to select the logo that you find appealing.

Give useful feedback

Once the first draft is made, the actual logo will be presented by the designer which is very similar to what you wanted. Hence, it makes sense to communicate your needs in the best way possible.

Accept deliverables

Once completed, the designer should send you the deliverables as required after receiving full payment. This should comprise of resizable vector files and not the raster images that make it difficult to increase the size as that would make it pixilated (blurry) .