7 Trends That Are Expected in Online Shopping

The last few years have seen ecommerce giants fetching huge crowd and transactions, especially during festive seasons, costing more than thousands of millions. It is certain that the craze for online shopping has come to stay finally and now, it has moved from the desktop to the mobile era, thanks to the wide spreading of internet connectivity in suburbs and remote places along with revolution in mobile usages, given the widespread use of ecommerce website design in Dubai and elsewhere.


There has been a gradual shift in the ecommerce paradigm since its earlier days, and now right from buying a pair of shocks to getting hold of an iPhone, people have moved from using the desktop website to mobile app, and the process has seen many changes in this period. With the coming of the New Year, the transaction is going to embolden itself with ecommerce trends coming to be a big force to reckon with. Some of the trends that are expected or are already started taking effect in ecommerce are given below.

Up-and-coming ecommerce trends

Here are some emerging changes that will come into effect in ecommerce. These features would change the way the buyer and the e-retailer would be involved in business.

More players in the fray, more choices on offer

For any business, online or offline, it is the customer that remains the focus point. Different strategies are developed and campaigns are run keeping the customers as the focal point. With the passage of few months, buyers are expected to gain more power while an increasing number of players are expected to join the ecommerce business. The possibility of comparing the products and their prices at the same place has made the market even more competitive. Any seller that is offering the lowest price for a certain product along with better services would be a winner of the game.

Global shopping becoming a reality

Few months back, it was not possible to make online shopping from foreign countries as the e-retailers did not have such facilities to ship many of the foreign destinations, and that made any such purchase impossible. But now offshore transactions are becoming a reality. With the introduction of these services by Amazon and eBay of catering to overseas consumers, more buyers would be tempted to go for online shopping.

Domestic e-retailers merchants to cover large population

It is still not a reality now to send gifts to relatives and loved ones from many online stores just because their locations do not come under the coverage for shipping. Of course, it is not possible to cover every corner of the country by e-retailers. But with the rapid development in technology, there is a greater use of ecommerce website design in Dubai; it is not far when every single online shopper could be covered by e-retailers, even if the location is remote.

More Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is going to take a solid place now. E-retailers are already making huge investment in researching data to get to know consumers’ choices and feedbacks. This information would help them to follow up their online buyers with personalized products and provide them with innovative shopping experience. This practice is already being followed my most of the vendors. The coming days are only going to see a more consistent and planned evaluation of customer information.

Personalized delivery could be a reality

Nowadays, merchants are working to their best efforts to make the online buyers feel well-served and honored. In this respect, the CEOs could also deal with buyers in the way they prefer.

Shopping via mobile to grow

As already told, the increasing numbers of mobile phone owners have already making a better connection for purchase through their shopping websites. People are now happier to use their Smartphone and tablets for a hassle-free buying experience. And the introduction of mobile apps have already added fuel to the shopping spree with an increasing number of merchants turning to app-only mode of business to get a share of the mobile ecommerce pie. It is now proved beyond doubt that those e-businesses that are unable to take the immense potential of mobile devices will be unable to bring in more businesses, and concomitant revenues.

Video marketing to lead the way

Videos continue to be the major component of digital marketing, and an increasing number of marketers are likely going to the video marketing way to get more buyers and conversions in the coming months. We already are seeing streaming videos in YouTube of promotional videos and marketing service in an increasing number and this trend can only grow. However, digital marketers are expected to include tactical changes for video promotion.


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